Manakeesh Kishk

Manakeesh Kishk 6.50 Reg Blend of yogurt, cruhed wheat, onions, tomatoes and spices spread onto thin dough.

Manakeesh Harra

Manakeesh Harra 5.25 Reg A blend of spices and hot sauce, tomato paste and onions spread onto dough and baked.

Manakeesh Zaatar

Manakeesh Zaatar 3.25 Reg 5.25 Loaded A variety of spices combined with olive oil and sesame seeds spread onto the fresh thin dough and baked to perfection.

Manakeesh Jibin

Manakeesh Jibin 7.00 Reg A blend of 3 delicious traditional cheeses melted together on a crisp thin bread!

Lahem B’ajeen

Lahem B’ajeen 5.25 Reg 7.75 Loaded A combination of ground beef, tomatoes, onions, parsley and our secret blend of spices spread onto thin, freshly made dough and baked to perfection!